USS Cayenne NCC-73689
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"Welcome aboard."
The ensign tells you as you walk off the transporter pad. "I'm sure that you will feel welcome onboard. Please enter yourself to our pasenger list. Thank you. We've got your quarters ready for you. If you will follow me."

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Go to the Ship's Specs page if you wish to see our sister ship the USS Soriama .

You are passenger # 12791 to beam aboard this vessel.

USS Cayenne NCC-73689
Commisioned in 2373. To date it has had three separate captains. For us the year is now 2378. The ship has been nicknamed, "The pepper that no captain can swallow".

The Dominion war is over and Starfleet is on the mend from the battle. Can the Cayenne and the DS9 fleet maintain peace, or will Starfleet end up in another war? Only time will tell.

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